In the “Desire Of Freedom” collection, Dorota Goldpoint combines fiery red with military green.

Green and red double-sided cashmere wool parkas are proposed to be worn with silk suits, and asymmetrical skirts, turtlenecks and very fashionable ponchos are sewn from green irregular plaid. The jacquard green and black check is accompanied by a delicate silk chiffon with autumn flowers. This season, green skin reigns supreme and will not be missing from the collection. Evening outfits in the new Dorota Goldpoint collection are primarily a variety of red suits, airy silk dresses, where organza is composed with cashmere and wool, or matte-shiny sequins in very feminine outfits. For the first time, the DG brand presents a collection of handbags and belts in the colors of military green, natural leather and elegant black. Dorota Goldpoint’s woman is this season, brave, determined and uncompromising, but always very feminine – even in military stylizations.

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