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Plejada: Dorota Goldpoint, Agata Duda’s designer and Marcin Cejrowski together in Milan. What were they doing there?

Dorota Goldpoint during Fashion Week in Milan

Marcin Cejrowski, editor-in-chief of the website visited Agata Kornhauser-Duda’s designer; Dorota Goldpoint in Milan. During the local Fashion Week, they took part in the final of the competition for young designers who use natural materials in their work, Remix 2019.

Fashion Week in Milan is a real fashion festival. One of the events accompanying the prestigious event was the conclusion of the Remix 2019 competition in which young designers from around the world who take natural fabrics for their workshop can take part.

– IFF [International Fur Federation] together with Vogue Italia for 16 years has been organising a competition for which young designers can apply and can initially present their projects, sketches of their work and then the jury selects the semi-final and of course the finale. These are the designers who appreciate natural materials – Dorota Goldpoint (the creative director of Furlab) for Plejada.

Remix 2019: we have been with the camera at the competition in Milan

Furlab, a member of the International Fur Trade Federation prepares Polish designers for the Remix 2019 competition. Traditionally, its final took place during the Fashion Week in Milan.

The place didn’t lack the Plejada cameras. Marcin Cejrowski, the editor-in-chief of the website, was behind the scenes and he was not afraid to ask his interlocutors difficult and controversial questions. What happened in Milan?

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