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Magazyn Sway: Dorota Goldpoint – spring-summer 2019 collection

In the picture: Beata Tadla, Dorota Goldpoint, Katarzyna Grochola and Anna Korcz

At the beginning of spring, Dorota Goldpoint – a designer and creator of a luxury brand for women – presented the latest collection of clothes for the current season.

2019’s trends are strongly present in the latest Dorota Goldpoint’s collection, but the base is elegant as always. Among the novelties for the upcoming spring and summer, we will see fashionable patterns, an extraordinary interpretation of the jacket, as well as beautiful cocktail dresses – perfect for weddings.

The cocktail and formal line in powder pink and pistachio is made of silk, chiffon, organza, and suits are made of wool.

The next line is dominated by prints. “This season in a floral print I combined different colours – lemon, yellow, lime, green, orange, amaranthine. Everything is enfolded in a beautiful white colour. “-says the designer.

This line has many versions from long beach dresses to wide, richly fulled caftans, long backless dresses, small work dresses, blouses and tunics. There is also a line of white, cream and vanilla dresses, suits and overalls that look beautiful on the suntanned skin. Thhe vanilla ones resemble Chanel jackets. In this line we can find kimonos, tailcoats,suit jackets with capes, dresses and classic two-piece dresses.

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