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Forbes: Inauguration of the project – The Inner Power in the chamber opera

Grażyna Szapołowska and Dorota Goldpoint

The Inner Power is dedicated to women of 50 plus, and its creator Dorota Goldpoint 50th birthday is just behind her.

“The Inner Power project is a tribute that I give to mature women. I would like to be a discreet medium, which will be an element of the transmission of important content. I invited to the project well-known and valued women who will talk about their struggles in life, raise important topics, and also tell what is their strength and what they derive from their power. 50 years is an important, crucial moment in the life of every woman, I am lucky to meet people, I have met many important women in my life whom I owe a lot to, and which thanks to this project I would like to thank. Maturity is beautiful when you understand it. My desire is to bring and strengthen in the social consciousness the strength and enormous internal power that mature women have in them. The symbol of the Inner Power project is a woman – a tree, to have beautiful flowers and fruits, must have good, healthy roots. Women 50 plus are just like that, Their strength, power flowing from internal energy allows you to survive even the most difficult situations. The power is in us “- says the author of the project and designer Dorota Goldpoint.

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