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PNŚ: “Inner Power” – Dorota Goldpoint for Women over 50

Love and wedding after 50 – YES! Only at our site: wedding dress designed by Dorota Goldpoint and writer Kasia Grochola in a wedding dress. In her project – “Inner Power” – for Women over 50, Dorota Goldpoit encourages women not to be afraid of mature love. For ten years she has worked as a psychoanalyst and for five years she designs clothes that are worn by stars, celebrities and business women. When she started, she had a specific plan in her mind-she wanted to dress mature women to help them accept the changes that occur in their bodies and mind as the time goes by. Her own story shows that at any time in life you can fulfill your dreams and… Look good. Mature women have inner power but the fashion industry often neglects them. The designer wants to fill this gap.

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