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Jastrząb Post: The beautiful dress of our First Lady

Agata Duda in Dorota Goldpoint's dress.

The Polish President Andrzej Duda betook with an official visit to the United States. Accompanied by his beautiful wife Agata Duda.The Presidential Couple was already greeted by Donald and Melania Trump in the White House.

Beside the talks of the Presidents, the presence of the beautiful First Ladies at the negotiations was very important. This time both of the wifes chose the summer looks, but this time Agata Duda had a better idea for a stylization.

The First Lady of Poland for the visit in the USA, has certainly prepared a few creations, one of which she has already bedazzled the internet users with.The wife of Andrzej Duda had a long fitted black and white dress with a long sleeves, which perfectly emphasized her silhouette. The Jastrząb Post managed to find out that the dress that The First Lady had on herself was created by Dorota Goldpoint,who designed and sew it specially for her visit in the White House.

To such and elegant creation Agata Duda wore a decorative black belt and stylish black heels. Classic stylization of The First Lady brilliantly coordinated with her finely slicked back hair and a perfect makeup.

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