to conquer the American fashion market. Dresses prepared for Agatha Duda made waves at a major international gala in Washington, DC

The designer was invited to Washington, D.C. for the First Fashion Gala because of her collaboration with Andrzej Duda’s wife. During the event she presented two creations dedicated specifically to the president. Her ideas were very much to the liking of both diplomatic and business people. Dorota Goldpoint makes no secret of the fact that she wants to conquer the American fashion market and proudly admits that she has already established many important contacts, including with the owners of one of Washington’s oldest boutiques, which has the best evening wear on offer.

– This was the first-ever Diplomacy First Diplomacy and Fashion Gala in Washington, organized by more than 30 embassies there. This event brought together designers who dress first ladies or heads of state, and each of them had to prepare two replica styles for the occasion. The collection of diplomatic gowns was presented at the gala. In total, we saw 60 silhouettes,” Dorota Goldpoint tells Newseria Lifestyle agency.

The designer decided to show two gowns that were prepared for Agata Duda for different occasions.

– One was a gala dress presented during the visit of our presidential couple to the United States for a meeting with then-President Trump and his wife Melania. It was a black and white dress, which was written about a lot at the time, even in the American press it was very well reviewed and emphasized that it was perfectly chosen for the occasion. It was compared with Melania Trump’s styling, so I just showed that dress. And the second creation was an evening dress, black and gold, in which the first lady appeared at the diplomats’ gala held every year at the Presidential Palace,” she says.

Dorota Goldpoint is glad that she was able to take part in this unique gala and present her designs to a wide audience. She also points out that they were received with enthusiasm not only by the ambassador community, but also by foreign fashion designers and the American media. Her creativity was appreciated and cooperation offers quickly poured in.

– It was also a great business event, as my stylings were noticed, were very well appreciated and just before the gala itself were shown on American television. All the Poles present at the gala were proud of such ratings. At the same time, I also managed to establish a business relationship with one of the oldest boutiques operating in Washington, which sells clothes all over the world, and these are evening clothes, so we are in talks. I am also expecting the owner of a boutique in Dubai to see my latest collections, evening gowns, such very ornate ones,” says the designer.

Participation in such an international event is an opportunity for her to build business relationships. So with the establishment of new contacts, she has high hopes for cooperation on various levels. She also admits that attending such a gala was an interesting experience for her in terms of learning about new fashion markets.

– I had the opportunity to see and more or less get an idea of what this side of fashion looks like in Washington, because with fashion, with the American fashion capital, we are more associated with New York, but Washington is a very interesting place and I hope I will be able to explore it as well,” says Dorota Goldpoint.

So the designer makes no secret that she is now taking the direction of Washington and wants to impress as many circles as possible with her designs.

– There are plans that this gala is to be held regularly and these clothes are also to be shown at Fashion Weeks around the world, because the organizer got such a proposal. And I have just been invited to be a permanent presence at this gala with my collections. We also have a certain surprise that we want to prepare for the next gala, so I am very happy that I will also be able to mark this market with my collections. Anyway, I had such plans even before the pandemic, and I think now is a good time to realize them,” she says.

At this American gala, Dorota Goldpoint met many ambassadors, first ladies, as well as one of the main organizers of the event – Jan Du Plain.

– She carefully reviewed all the photos of our president on the Internet, and we really received a lot of praise. And she also said an interesting thing, that I know how to combine standard classics with something very modern, that I took diplomatic fashion to another level a bit. It is very noble to hear such words from the mouth of such a woman,” says the designer.

In Washington, world-renowned designers presented their collections, including Elie Saab, who is famous for his collaborations with royalty and prepares creations for Kate Middleton, among others.

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