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Plejada: Dorota Goldpoint and Anna Korcz are the guests on “Stacja hejt” show. She encountered a wave of criticism after giving birth

(C) 2019 Radoslaw NAWROCKI for Doroty GOLDPOINT

Anna Korcz and Dorota Goldpoint were the guests on “Stacja hejt” show. During the podcast they talked about unsympathetic comments, that they have encountered through the years. The main target of hateful comments is… their age.

Dorota Goldpoint and Anna Korcz in new edition of “Stacja hejt” podcast, shared their stories about encountering criticism and hate because of their age. They are both over 50 but htey are still actively working.  Agata Duda’s designer during the conversation with Marcin Cejrowski and Agnieszka Hyży she confessed that not everyone can accept the fact that she’s over 50. She mentioned that at one time even her son was taking the liberty of making unsympathetic comments.

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