Menu Close Surrounded by their loved ones – friends and family, Karol Strasburger and his wonderful fiance said “Yes”

Karol Strasburger and Małgorzata Waremczuk got married. The ceremony took place last weekend and it was a complete secret. Newly minted couple just shared this amazing news with the world.

It’s a big honour for us that in such an incredible day a beautiful bride decided to wear a dress designed by Dorota Goldpoint. Pay attention to Karol Strasburgers bow tie and a pocket square that perfectly match with the brides dress. We wish them a wonderful time.

The ceremony has taken place in a intimate company of family and friends and also befriended photojournalists and journalists. Bride and groom stipulated that the only media with which they’re going to share the information about the wedding is „Na żywo” magazine from which we know that after tying the knot there was an applause from the guests. The two lovebirds  asked on their invitations to not give them flowers but to give the money that they would spend on them to the Interwencyjny Ośrodek Preadopcyjny in Otwock.

The party took place in a „Noce i dnie” restaurant and it was held in a theme of the movie with the same title. The bride for this occasion has chosen a silk green dress with a lilac pattern designed by Dorota Goldpoint. The groom on the other hand has chosen a suit in a similar shade and a bow tie and a square pocket sewed from the same material as his wifes dress.

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