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Przeambitni: Anna Korcz in Goldpoint’s boutique on Jurata – holiday pleasures

Anna Korcz during her vacation in Jurata has visited Dorota Goldpoint’s boutique – she told us why.

Anna Korcz has been visiting Jurata for 30 years with her kids who are now adults. The actress recalls that back in the day the seaside location was a small village and now it’s a blossomed flower where tourists can find a lot of nice surprises.

In Anna Korcz’s opinion the most beautiful place on Jurata is Dorota Goldpoint’s boutique, which came into existence a few years ago. The actress just now had the opportunity to visit it and she’s amazed! During an interview she said that she knows the collections from Dorota Goldpoint well from the capital and she really appreciates it -in Jurata she noticed new stuff that are tempting for her.

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