Goldpoint hosted celebrities in her atelier. Who dropped by for a pre-Christmas meeting at the famous designer?

Renowned fashion designer Dorota Goldpoint invited celebrities and media to her atelier to celebrate breakfast together in a festive atmosphere. During the meeting it was possible to admire the latest designs and learn about the perfume – Dorota Goldpoint Aurum.

I created this fragrance seven years ago, the oil is made in Italy by a company that produces fragrances for Armani. I introduced this fragrance without any media fuss. The perfume sells on its own, without advertising. Now I’ve done a rebranding because I’m launching them internationally. I’m starting to sell them in Dubai, among other places. I have to admit that for women in Dubai, this fragrance is perceived as European, and for European women – as a bit Arabic. I know that some people love this fragrance and that makes me happy” Dorota Goldpoint said.

By the way, the designer dispelled doubts that she has not moved permanently to Dubai, but is in Poland for a week a month. The meeting was attended by many celebrities and journalists, including Joanna Kurowska, Katarzyna Żak, Anna Korcz, Anna Iberszer, Magdalena Waligórska, Izabela Trojanowska, Martyna Kliszewska, Paulina Koziejowska and Eliza Gwiazda.

I like Dorota for her imagination, courage, ability, diligence and elegance. I have been wearing jackets and blouses of her design for several years, they are original and draw attention of my fans and journalist. I use her imagination, which agrees with my fashion taste” – Izabela Trojanowska said.

“I have known Dorota for a very long time, when she was not yet known as designer Dorota Goldpoint. I love to watch her develop. I support her a lot and cheer her on” – Anna Korcz said.

“I have known Dorota for a long time, I attended her fashion shows when actresses walked the runway. She has a very ‘cozy personality’, so we became friends. Then I became an ambassador of her foundation” – Joanna Kurowska said.

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