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Bliss na Temat: Simple but exclusive. This is the Polish tag for which giving up a few dresses from chain stores is completely worth it

Grażyna Szapołowska

It’s hard not to love chain stores: one trip to the shop with two letters logo it’s like a trip around all of the world’s catwalks. From a trip like that we bring back whole bags of souvenirs which quality is not infrequently decent and it’s life cycle is limited to few washes. Perfect designes and luxurious fabrics are out of mass production- also from the brands that are popularly considered exclusive. Alternative?

Exists – in a form of smaller brands and designers who pay a lot of attention not only to designing a collection but also to they way it’s made. So if not once and not twice you got a thought to for once invest in a dress that will still look good after four seasons instead of buying a dozen of chain stores’ dresses – we got you.

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