on the backstage of working with the presidential couple

Dorota Goldpoint prepared several hairstyles for President Agatha Duda for the funeral ceremony of Queen Elizabeth II. This time, the designer opted for delicate asymmetry, which added a chic touch and at the same time complied with the rules of diplomatic protocol. After all, in this case many different aspects had to be taken into account. The shade of black, the texture of the material, the quality of the fabric, the length of the dress or the size of the headdress were not insignificant. However, not all participants in the funeral followed the rules of protocol.

– Our presidential couple traveled to the UK for the funeral, they were to appear in several places and this required us to prepare at least three styles. When paying tribute in front of Queen Elizabeth’s coffin, the first lady appeared in a double-breasted dress, such a navy dress with an asymmetrical collar, in black, of course,” she says.

For the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, the styling of the president’s wife, on the other hand, was enhanced by a tasteful headdress.

– This styling was quite well commented in the media. Also it was with an element of asymmetry, it was a dress with a basque, which looked like a suit, and for this there was a headdress. According to the guidelines, its diameter was supposed to be more than 10 cm, but it shouldn’t be too big a hat either. So I, for one, am very satisfied that we were able to prepare a styling for such an important and unique even on the scale of the century celebration, which the media paid attention to,” she says.

What is it like to work with important personalities? Dorota Goldpoint reveals

Dorota Goldpoint points out that at the stage of preparing styling for various official meetings or ceremonies, one has to follow many guidelines and work out every detail.

– This black color is also not insignificant, because it must be a very deep black, matte, the right fabric, which does not appear blue on camera or in photos. This element should be taken into account, as well as the shade of the tights, shoes, it all matters,” she stresses.

The designer mentions that in this case she was working under a lot of time pressure. After all, several orders overlapped at one point, and no negligence or delay could be afforded.

– It was a very intense period. Originally there was a trip to the United States planned, so those plans had to be adjusted because the presidential couple went to a funeral. Besides, production is always planned well in advance. At the same time we were still sewing a collection for a show in Dubai, so we faced enormous tension, we had very little time for adjustments, and the situation dynamically changed during the following days, as more directives came to us from the diplomatic department.  However, working with public figures, you have to reckon with the fact that such situations happen and we are ready for it,” she says.

Dorota Goldpoint proudly emphasizes that her entire team rose to the occasion. Each styling was carefully thought out and adapted to diplomatic protocol.

– This is quite a responsible job, and we can’t make any formal mistakes, because Madam President follows diplomatic protocol very carefully. Therefore, we are obliged to implement all these directives into our proposals, into our styling, so this is extremely important,” he explains.

Styling sins of royal family members at Elizabeth II’s funeral

The designer also reveals that while watching the broadcast of the funeral ceremony, she looked closely at all the styles. In her opinion, in some cases there was too much extravagance, which could not be afforded during such a ceremony.

– I wouldn’t like to talk about names here, but perhaps I’ll comment on the headgear of the younger generation of the royal family. Two ladies had very large hats, and although they were very beautiful, diplomatic protocol implies a certain size of headgear. A headband with some kind of ribbon or bow was also insufficient in my opinion. In addition, there were also inappropriate cuts with exposed shoulders, forearms. Such things should not take place during such a ceremony. Besides, the styles should be 7/8, that is, more or less to the middle of the calf, while I noticed that there were also some knee-length ones, in an inappropriate shade of black, so I was a bit surprised by such a discrepancy between the protocol and what we saw,” Dorota Goldpoint adds.

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