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WP Kobieta: Agata Duda and Melania Trump. One in a dress and the other one in a costume

Agata Duda and Melania Trump

Agata Duda has chosen a black and white dress for the meeting with the American Presidential Couple. But it didn’t turn out boring. An interesting styling was eye catching, for sure. Melania Trump had a completely different but just as good stylization. The wife of The USA President chose a suit.

The visit of Andrzej Duda in The United States continues. He is accompanied by his wife Agata Duda. The First Lady is known for her good stylizations, which a lot of women keep the track of. There’s no doubt that during the visit of The Presidential Couple in the USA the cameras of the photojournalists will be often enough directed at Andrzej Duda’s wife.

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