Discover our beach collection – bathing suits, as well as beach dresses, tunics and skirts made, among others made of silk and silk-cotton batiste in a unique, original print “golden treasures of the sea”.


During the last edition of Arab Fashion Week in Dubai, Dorota Goldpoint presented a richly decorated collection of cocktail and evening dresses “Spirit of Desert” filled with a palette of colors and textures inspired by the beauty of the desert landscape. The designer took the gathered viewers on a journey across the endless golden sands of a desert bathed in the rays of the setting sun.


Dorota Goldpoint during the Arab Fashion Week Dubai 2021 presented cocktail and evening dresses full of vivid and intense shades of pink and red. It is a truly contemporary interpretation of Polish traditional folk patterns and their colors.

Dorota Goldpoint is a luxury brand for women,
created out of love for beauty and passion for creation.
It combines Italian classics with French nonchalance.


The Inner Power project is a tribute to mature women. I would like to be a discreet medium that will be an element of conveying important content. I invited well-known and respected women to the project, who will talk about their struggles in life, raise important topics, as well as tell what is their strength and what they draw their power from.

50 years is an important, breakthrough moment in the life of every woman, I am lucky with people, I have met many important women in my life, to whom I owe a lot and to whom I would like to thank through this project. Maturity is beautiful when understood. My desire is to bring and consolidate in the social awareness the strength and the enormous inner power that mature women have in them.

The symbol of the Inner Power project is a woman – a tree, a tree, in order to have beautiful flowers and fruit, must have good, healthy roots. 50 plus women are just like that. Their strength, power flowing from internal energy allows them to survive even the most difficult situations.

The power is within us.


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