Dorota Goldpoint’s collection show during the Fashion TV Magazine Inaugural Gala in Warsaw 2018

On Monday, February 5, 2019, during the Fashion TV Magazine Inaugural Gala in Warsaw, Dorota Goldpoint presented the latest Spring-Summer 2018 collection, entitled “African Summer Night’s Dream”.

The designer also received the Fashion TV Magazine statuette in the Polish Designer 2018 category. The show began with the presentation of long silk evening dresses in fashionable shades this season, such as lilac, heather, light and ultra violet or pale pink, which play well with tanned skin. The safari line deserves attention in the new collection. Light khaki clothes are a tribute to the safari style promoted by Yves Saint Laurent, who in 1968 was the first to present a “prêt-à-porter” collection inspired by the outfit of African hunters. In Dorota Goldpoint we are dealing with a modern version of the “21st century city safari”.

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